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Saturday, 16 May 2009

For those who have not collected your SGCs and A Level certs, please do so soon. They are available at NYJC's office only during office hours on weekdays. The A Level Certs just reached the school yesterday. So those who collected your SGCs already still have to make a second trip.


rocked by 0713 at - 6:13 pm

Friday, 13 February 2009


My oh my this blog is dead! Noooo! lalalaala all the best to everyone wherever you are, whatever you're doing!

Those were the good old days :)
Ha, catch ya guys later!

Brought to you by cheryl: jobless and freeeeeee
rocked by 0713 at - 11:53 am

Tuesday, 23 December 2008

I was in a rush yesterday and i totally forgot about the people taking 147, 74, 165 from the direction towards hougang interchange. The post yesterday was for 147, 74, 165 from hougang interchange.

So, if you are taking 147, 74, 165 towards hougang interchange please alight one stop after bowen secondary school (the bowen secondary stop will be after a mini flyover cum underpass kind of road).

Sorry bout it.


rocked by 0713 at - 11:12 am

Monday, 22 December 2008

ok. i need to go out soon, so i shall post this quick. No, timing posted here, cause cheryl peromise to tell the time, so please do it cheryl! Dont ask me about the time, even if you guys want to come earlier. Haha. im in a rush now.

The address of my house is on my msn nick (since i dont want people like weihan to attack my hse. haha), please go see. I will put the directions here.

my house is at bowen secondary school there (which is beside gracehaven salvation army). In between both the location (which is in between the sch and sal. army), there is a stretch of road going down slope. Down the slope you will see a carpark, and thats my house.

OK now the bus sevrices,

to gracehaven sal. army : 109, 103, 854, 70, 73, 156, 43

to opp. gracehaven : all the above + 854

Now, there's another way to go my house, which is by the front, since i guess most of you come from gracehaven i shall put this as a secondary path, since most of the services to this bus stop is from hougang interchange. The stop is directly after XINMIN Primary School. The two different places to alight look totally different, cause one is by back and one by the front. So, if you guys are meeting, please confirm which bus services you are taking tyty.

in front of my house (after xinmin primary) : 112, 74 ,147, 165.

P.S. if you really dont know, please call me. PLEASE. THANK YOU. I dont want you to overshot the bus stop. Haha. Then i have to figure out where you are. haha. cause, honestly, i wouldn't know. I dont know the place well if its after the stop. Im a noob. Thank you for your understanding.

If this post is unclear. Sms me, i will change it.


rocked by 0713 at - 2:55 pm

Sunday, 21 December 2008


There'll be an entry fee too for the party. $10 per pax.
Promise to return if there's extra cause yeah this is just a rough estimation. yup!

People remember, no pyjamas, no party ah!
rocked by 0713 at - 12:20 am

Friday, 19 December 2008

rocked by 0713 at - 12:28 am

Thursday, 18 December 2008



Btw I'm sorry if i cannot be with you guys at suki sushi or wherever cause I've gotta go there early and do some prep yeah... Make yourselves feel at home okay! Yeah man.

Okay for the CHRISTMAS PARTY (yay! you all better yay with me.)

Yup, you guys have to
1. COME IN PYJAMAS. No pyjamas, no party (ha, not funny)
2. Bring a present worth 5 to 10 bucks. Please this is a season of giving, so please get smth worth like 9 to 10 bucks ok!
3. Bring FOOD. Not chips and junk but real FOOD. Like cook or smth ya! Tell me what you are bringing. Here's the list of people and what food they're in charge of tentatively:

Gab: Fries and nuggets and ice cream
Guohao: Bee hoon and fried rice, dessert
HongHao: Curry chicken
JunHong: Otah and Satay
Annis and Adeline: Drinks
HuiJie: Fishballs, crabmeat
Cheryl: Potato Salad (and maybe some cheesy vege thing)
Cheun Hwee: Mushroom salad

Yeah here's about it, don't worry people, given the ratio of girls to guys, we will need MORE food! So think of smth and just do it okay! Prepare for about 15 to 20 persons yeah.
Bravos. So yeah, and everyone's part of this party so feel free to throw in your best suggestions to help make it rock okay. Man, what if everyone sleeps and starts playing poker cards or smth... NOOOO. so ya, SOS people. We need ideas. Yeah.

BTW, we may need to chip in money for the party, so be prepared and give ! haha... ya financially i mean.. yeah

SO for now, hope that you'll have a great week and have a heart to give this Christmas! YIPEE YAY.
rocked by 0713 at - 12:14 am

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Hey guys yeah there'll be this church skit this friday, yeah so to all who can come, I'm grateful! You guys can come on all three days too that will be, cool. Haha.
Anyway, I was thinking of meeting at tp interchange at 5.30pm this friday, and then head down to shaw plaza( not your typical kind of shopping centre ) and have dinner at suki sushi!
Any other suggestions? just tag or smth.
HAHAHAHA i don't know how to feel, but yeah, thanks for coming down anyway, Yay, Cheers.
BTW, the Christmas party thing right, if you have suggestions on what to do please help us cause, ya, we're kinda dying Lol. okay, ya, till then
Have a great Christmas anyway ya! :P
This is Cheryl.
rocked by 0713 at - 2:00 pm

Thursday, 4 December 2008

Hey 0713 people,

Chuen Hwee here, as most of you know, me kwek chek keng will be running the full marathon this weekend, sunday, 7th december. All 42.195 km of it. Do hope you all will be able to come down and support haha. We'll appreciate it. Flag off is at 5.30 and i will probably finish around 10 and ck and kwek maybe slightly later. Hope to cya there!

p.s. this is not to show off that ic an run fast or whatever to you all because i did 0 training and probably gonna be way behind alot of people.


rocked by 0713 at - 9:13 pm

Thursday, 27 November 2008

On this Christmas, for this once only. Im going to be a saint. ( *lights shining down* *smoky effect* *the halo appearing on top of my head* )

Ok serious now.

I will offer my house on one condition, or maybe two, no make that three. ok fuck it. here's the whole list:

1) on the 23 dec only. because i flying overseas on 25, so if 24 come will be too rush to clean up the house and you guys cant stay over if 24th.
2) IM ONLY THE HOUSE-OFFER-ER. lols. im NOT organising. the ACHA is!
3) No BADMOUTHING me in front of my parents. that includes the dumb ass nicks you all freaks gave me.
4) Dont complain too squeezy cause my house is a bloody HDB! 1 room flat.
5) No freaks allow. (P.S. especially those who change sex at night)
6) No sexual harassment's allowed, including those kind from chalet. lols.

*gabriel holds the rights to change or add any conditions above without prior notice. hey fuck you dont roll you bloody eyes! i will rib it apart! lols.

Still want to come? think about it. lols. sounds like destroying ACHA's plan.

I will only supply one bottle of volka and one bottle bailey's. thats all please. haha.

I will sms you me address if you confirm coming. lols. i dont want to get attack by people like weihan.

Dont hate me. lols. although i know you all cant bare to do that.
rocked by 0713 at - 12:19 am

Monday, 24 November 2008

We all like to have fun right! Yeah yeah CHECK THIS OUT! (Ok lame)

We were thinking of having a class CHRISTMAS SLUMBER PARTY cum FAREWELL PARTY for the guys, so we need you to choose one of the days between 23 to 25 dec for this PARTY!!!!

We were thinking of holding the party at one of your houses (PLEASE VOLUNTEER YOUR HOUSE). We will be spending the night there. (Currently asking Soh Ee cause her house is like..the biggest haha)

ATTIRE: Pyjamas! ( like really pyjamas not your shirt and shorts like you’re going to play soccer those kind, hopefully..think SLUMBER PARTY style ya)

IMPORTANT: A Christmas present to exchange. Budget is between 5 to 10.

If we really cannot go to anyone’s house, LAST CHOICE we’ll go to the function room at Huijie’s condo. BUT we cannot stay over because her house is too small okay.

Last class gathering pple, we need a place to hold the party. And we wont mess up your house if you volunteer =)

Please tag your opinions and what date (23-25 dec) you prefer and rmb to volunteer your house okay!!!!! We must decide which house to go fast cause if we really have no house, we need to book the function room asap.

And since it’s a farewell party for the guys, the girls will do the planning!
Maybe we’ll involve the guys in the buying of food or smth ya. REMEMBER LOG CAKE!

:D Details will be discussed further, need your opinions pple! BE EXCITED! YAY!

Proudly brought to you by ACHA :D

rocked by 0713 at - 1:23 am

Sunday, 23 November 2008

Hong Hao requested some of us to post pictures/videos of the class chalet. Seeing that kwek and I have done so and Gabriel had written a long summary of it, I would just include the links here.

kwek- pictures of the first day
ykm-less clear pictures of two days
-G-Full summary

If others like John have your own pictures, please feel free to post them here.


rocked by 0713 at - 9:58 pm

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Meeting Time: 1pm
Meeting Place: Pasir Ris Mrt
rocked by 0713 at - 11:20 am

Thursday, 13 November 2008

To all,

I am posting this to inform you all of the activity on the 18th of Nov, after the Physics paper 1.

For those who are interested, some of the class people have agreed to go to the Cage again for another 4 hours of soccer.

Time: 12noon to 4pm

Venue: The Cage @ Kallang (http://thecage.com.sg/home), Pitch 2

Price: About $7 (depending on the number of people going)

Attire: Class Tee and shorts

For those who want to go, please bring along a change of clothes and the things you will need for soccer. PLEASE ALSO BRING ALONG MUSCLE CREAM OR SPRAY IN CASE OF CRAMPS!

We will be going straight from school after the exams and will stop for a snack or a light meal before playing.

People going: Jun Hong, Chuen Hwee, Guo Hao, Weihan, Jieyang, Yan Chao, Weiliang, Weimin, Hong Hao, Kheng Meng, Jiacheng, Chek Keng. Jiarong

The people above are those whom i know of that have confirmed. Please tag or tell me whether you want to go or not. The more the merrier! Hope that all will join us.


rocked by 0713 at - 8:36 pm

Friday, 31 October 2008

heys guys, here to tell u something about after A levels...hopefully will give u some motivation to pia for the remaining 2 weeks ... ^^

k, the student council is in the process of planning a clubbing party at butter factory after prom nite , so heres the details

venue: butterfactory..exact location (i'm not sure yet)
date and time: 3rd dec 2008 after our prom nite...it will commence about 11 to 12 plus
cost: for the girls..ITS FREE..cos that nite is LADIES NITE... for guys...$10

ok, this is what i need. i need u guys to confirm if u wanna go and tell me by monday. its base on first come first serve basis, so the earlier i book the tickets for u guys the better it is.

deadline for submission of moneys 8 nov.

MOST IMPORTANTLY: only for above 18!..weihan can try to smuggle in?

ok and lastly, WHOEVER still own cheryl 25$ please pay by monday
rocked by 0713 at - 11:18 pm

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